Jewelry Care

At Ella Moore, we want you to really enjoy your jewelry & accessories for years to come. Keeping your sparkling, unique Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets & Hair Jewelry/Accessories looking their best for so much longer takes only a few simple but very important steps:

  1. Avoid putting your jewelry in contact with ANY water! 
  2. Take off your jewelry before showering, swimming or working out! Chemicals, including salts & chlorine, can tarnish even the most expensive, high quality jewelry including sterling silver & gold!
  3. Avoid putting your jewelry in contact with ANY soaps, spray, perfume, oils, lotions or creams.
  4. Keep your jewelry’s beautiful shine & sparkle by cleaning your jewelry with a soft DRY cloth.
  5. AVOID all liquid jewelry cleaners! Do NOT submerge you jewelry in ANY liquid.
  6. Avoid extreme heat or direct sunlight over long periods of time. This will cause colors to fade.

Following these simple but important steps can allow you to enjoy your Sparkle, Unique Jewelry and Hair accessories for many years to come!!