Shipping Policy

We are a US based company shipping all products shipped from Michigan, USA.

 NOTICE: ALL purchases made after 12:00 am Wednesday March 13 until Sunday March 24 will START to be processed on Monday March 25 We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. Thank you! 

The following are different US shipping options offered by Ella Moore:

  1. Standard Basic Shipping for orders less than $100 (5 – 14 days) with no insurance, flat rate of $5.99  
  2. Standard Basic Shipping for orders more than $100 (5 – 14 days) with insurance only to $100 even if order is more than $100, FREE
  3. Standard Shipping with FULL INSURANCE for all orders (5 – 14 days), $14.99
  4. Priority Shipping (3 – 5 days) with FULL INSURANCE, $21.99
  5. Overnight Shipping (1 – 2), with FULL INSURANCE, $44.99

All items will be processed & mailed out within  10 business days from the date of your purchase. We do our best to process & mail out order in a timely manner. Our goal is to ship out your order within 2 business days but it could take up to 5 business days.

Customers are completely responsible for ALL addresses entered into our system.
If there is a difference between the shipping address and the billing address, Ella Moore assumes that this is intentional on the customers part. Ella Moore is not responsible for items shipped to an address different from that of the billing address which has been entered into our system by the customer. We strongly encourage all customers to carefully review the addresses they have entered into our system for any inconsistency or errors prior to placing the order. If the customer notices any issues with their address after placing their order, it is a customer‘s sole responsibility to notify us as soon as possible. Once the item has been shipped out, Ella Moore is not responsible for the address the item has been shipped to. We strictly follow the shipping address that the customer has entered into our system. If a customer enters the address in error, Ella Moore CAN NOT provide a refund for the item shipped to the wrong address or a replacement item to be shipped out to the correct address.

All priority & overnight shipping orders will be processed for expedited shipping within 2-3 Business days.  We know and respect the fact that you really want the item as soon as possible. We do our best to make that happen.

As of September 1, 2021, Ella Moore is not responsible to refund or replace your order if your package is marked as delivered by USPS but you did not receive your package. We now offer the option to fully insure your package. If you do purchase shipping with full insurance be aware that your refund will be from USPS NOT Ella Moore. Ella Moore is not responsible for something we have absolutely no control over including theft of packages or incorrect delivery by USPS. This also includes any & all packages which arrive damaged, open and/or empty packages.  If you are concerned about any possible theft of packages from your front door, porch or mailbox, we STRONGLY recommend you purchase shipping with full insurance coverage. 

Please go to the following link to submit a claim to USPS if you have insured your package and have not received your package:

We strongly recommended you do this ASAP. Ella Moore is not responsible for any delay in claims processed by USPS. 

Unfortunately, we have recently seen a significant increase in theft of packages from customer front door, front porch and mailboxes. We can no longer afford to refund or replace ordered items that are stolen or lost. For that reason, we STRONGLY recommend you purchase shipping with full insurance coverage if you have any concerns.



If you receive an email with the following statement:

Thank you for your order from Ella Moore! We wanted to let you know that your order (#XXXX) was shipped via USPS, USPS First Class Mail on XX/XX/XXXX.  You can track your package at any time using the link below.

This means that your package has been processed & will be dropped off at our local post office the same day! This email is sent to you only when a label is produced and the package is dropped to the post office. 

Fund are withdrawn only after the package is dropped off at the post office

Free Shipping on Purchase $100 or more: Delivery usually occurs within 5-7 business days. Delivery of your package could take up to 7 to 14 business days or much more depending on processing procedures put in place by USPS due to COVID-19 as well as the time of the year. Please be aware that insurance for these packages is only up to $100. If your purchase is more than $100 and you would like full insurance coverage offered by USPS please consider purchasing our full coverage insurance shipping option. As of September 1, 2021, Ella Moore is not responsible for any and all packages that are damaged, lost or stolen if USPS has documented the package has been delivered. 

Express Shipping: Delivery usually occurs around 3-5 business days +/-. Again anything is possible and you may also experience significant delays in your package delivery.

Overnight Shipping: Delivered in 1 to 2 business days all depending on when you submit your order. If you submit your order in the evening or at night it will ship the next day and should arrive the following day. Again anything is possible and you many also experience some delays in your package delivery.

Canadian Shipping: 

Orders less than $200 will be charged $24.99. Order is greater than $200 will be shipped FREE.

Orders requiring Express shipping with delivery in 3-4 days will be charged $49.99.

NOTE: Buyers are responsible for any customs & duties cost that many be charged as package enters your country. 

International Shipping:

Orders less than $200 will be charged $34.99. Order is greater than $200 will be shipped FREE.

Orders requiring Express shipping with delivery in 3-4 days will be charged $59.99.

NOTE: Buyers are responsible for any customs & duties cost that many be charged as package enters your country. 

 Any delay in the post office tracking the package is completely from the post office side not a delay in Ella Moore processing your package. The only disclaimer is if we can not validate your address we will make 3 attempts to contact you then send out the package. Please keep in mind if an address is not validated there is a HIGH CHANCE it will be returned to us. That is the reason why we will be requiring all customers provide a phone number to contact you. Sometimes customers don't notice our emails or it might go to spam. Providing your phone number allows another way to contact you to confirm your address.

Shipping time:

Standard shipping in the United States on average takes between 5 to 7 days outside of holidays which may take longer. 

All packages are sent with tracking number! Please check the last email received from email address for your specific tracking number.